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How it works?
Choose Your Target

First, tell us what your target is. Give us a domain and specify which parts of the page you need to crawl. Or provide a list of direct URLs, and we’ll extract data for you.

Extracting Data

Now, sit back, relax and let machine learning to take over the hard work. Using advanced scraping techniques, we crawl websites and extract raw data. All necessary metadata is saved for future reference.

Data Structuring

If raw data is not enough, we can remove all unnecessary components and structurize it to fit your needs. Simply tell us what’s necessary, and we’ll prepare structured data that is ready to be used.

Returning Data

Once your data is ready, you can download it through API in JSON or directly. We can even email it to you in a zip!

Unlimited Targeting

We can extract data from absolutely any page. Even password protected data, or entire websites can be crawled, so simply choose your target, and we’ll do the rest.

High Accuracy

We have over 8 years of experience in data extraction and scraping. We’ve been able to crawl highly complex websites and gathered an in-depth knowledge of how to use real browsers, imitate human behavior and benefit from other advanced scraping techniques.

Fast & Efficient

It takes up to few hours to crawl and prepare required data. However, even when a website is more complicated, and scraping takes a bit longer, we offer the most efficient data extraction on the market.

Entry level package for small data extraction tasks - no login screens, no advanced anti-scraping security

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Mid level package for more serious projects that require advanced deep-digging.

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Designed for continuous projects, with data renewal on demand and other useful features.

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Pro active support

Structured data output

Advanced target structure

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